Crestar Creativity Centre (CCC) had its beginning in 2005.
We have come a long way since then. CCC is essentially a creative enrichment studio
for children as young as 2.5 years and upto 10 years.

We impart the joy of colours to our little artists through various means and mediums. Be it bare walls, working cars, 25 feet long mirrors, large floors or simply working on various types of metal, ceramic tiles, wood, plastic bottles all are used as a medium to paint on. For us creativity on paper is but a mundane rigmarole that we try to keep our budding artists away from as much as possible. 3D art forms, modelling, various crafts are other ways to stimulate our youngsters.
We truly believe it is in these formidable years that a child’s brain can truly be stretched through creativity, enabling them to be conduits of learning as they grow. Come join us and let your child enjoy a journey that will be a truly memorable and colourful.

Shaili Shah

Founder of Crestar Creativity Centre

Shaili Shah is a self-taught artist having learnt and taught art in USA, Canada, Spain, China, Singapore and India. With over 20 years of experience and 3000 students later, for Shaili, the journey has just began. Her hunger, passion and the single-minded focus to deliver the best form of art has motivated Shaili to push every child that she has had the privilege to nurture.

Our Team

We have a team of artist/teachers working for the studio on a full/part time basis to ensure that we maintain a very low student to teacher ratio. Only the best and well qualified teachers are selected and trained to teach our little wonders. We believe an artist may not necessarily be the best teacher so it is paramount to have the correct balance to be a teacher at Crestar Creativity Centre.